News and Information

June 6, 2012

At last we are able to offer some wonderful jumps for the Shetland ponies.  These are offered in two sets with striped poles, hanging fillers and side wings.  Countless variations of height and design can be achieved, offering great fun for the budding course builder!


May 21, 2012

By popular request we are now able to pyrograph a child's name and/or birth date into the hobby horse stick.  This makes a birthday or Christening present even more special.  Click here for details.



March 6, 2012

Older children want to gallop and jump with their hobby horses, of course! This means that the wheels which are so useful for toddlers become redundant [not to mention knocking jumps down]. 

By popular demand we are now able to provide any of our hobby horses with a rubber end stop instead of wheels. The hobby horse is then easily ridden by grasping the handle or the shaft and cantering away.

February 29, 2012

To increase the pleasure of imaginary play, we have designed a splendid leather headcollar to put on your hobby horse after a busy day's riding!  This is made from quality red harness leather, has a brass roller buckle and a brass ring under the chin so that a lead rope may be attached.

The headcollar can be found in Accessories.  Click here for further details.

February 8, 2012

Our Gallery has been updated with some great new photos, but we are always pleased to have more.  If you have any photos showing our toys in use we would be delighted to receive them for possible inclusion in our Gallery.

Videos would be especially welcome, although we will probably have to wait for some more Spring-like weather so that everyone can get outside and gallop around with their ponies!