My Riding Pony

My Riding PonyWrap this fun new version of the hobby horse around any child's waist, and their imagination takes over! Hands are free to hold the reins - legs are free to gallop, prance and jump with safety. The ponies are made from the softest sleek velvety fabric with luxurious long faux fur mane and attached tail. Elasticated waiststrap fits 18" to 31". Removable leather bridle with reins. Beautifully made in the U.K.

I bought my 7 year old pony-mad twins a Riding Pony each for their birthday. Polo Jo & Teddy have been ridden every single day and they are their absolute all-time favourite toy. They have spent all summer jumping over poles and boxes in the garden and hacking out in the local woods. They really are fantastic toys and thank you for providing many hours of fun, laughter and exercise." J.H. Salisbury

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