HOBBY HORSE open mouth

HOBBY HORSE open mouthA realistic hobby horse for older children and teenagers, with a short stick suitable for jumping. This horse features an open mouth and a specially designed removable leather bridle with bit and buckles. Beautifully hand made in Dorset, England.

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1. Dapple grey 1. Dapple grey £195.00
2. Palomino 2. Palomino £195.00
3. Silver grey 3. Silver grey £195.00
4. Black 4. Black £195.00
5. Bright bay5. Bright bay£195.00
6. Chestnut6. Chestnut£195.00
7. Skewbald7. Skewbald£195.00
8. Buckskin8. Buckskin£195.00
9. Piebald9. Piebald£195.00