Hobby horses for taller children

Older children want to gallop and jump with their hobby horses, of course! This means that the wheels which are so useful for toddlers become redundant [not to mention knocking jumps down]. 

By popular demand we are now able to provide any of our hobby horses with a rubber end stop instead of wheels. The hobby horse is then easily ridden by grasping the handle or the shaft and cantering away.

Please note that all of our hobby horses are automatically supplied with wheels, but if you would like to have a rubber end stop instead, please request this in the 'Comments' box which you will see after the payment details in the Checkout.  [Or if you miss that bit just send us an email].

If your child is really into the pony thing, don't forget our new leather headcollars which are great fun for imaginative play.  After a busy day's riding it's great to be able to take off the bridle and slip on a headcollar so that you can catch him in the morning!