6. Piebald

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Piebald closed mouth
Three quarter view

This lovely piebald horse has a black and white mane, black patches and shading to the face and muzzle. Short hardwood stick specially for jumping, with rubber end stop.

COLOUR: Piebald (pinto)


  • average height 75cm from top of head to bottom of stick
  • surface washable fabrics
  • safety eyes
  • removable leather bridle 
  • personalising option, £10 for up to 30 characters (click on link below)
  • for older children and teenagers

Please note: the spots on this horse are hand painted and not designed to be brushed vigorously, which could cause fading of the markings.



 Personalised hobby horses - have your child's name and/or birth date pyrographed into the stick.



Price: £170.00