Model horse backdrop set (Summer)

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Backdrop summer centre

Painted backdrop set for model horses - Breyer, Julip, 12th scale

Having my own collection of model horses, I found myself looking for an attractive background to show them off, as I always felt that photographic scenes alone just didn’t look right.   As I was unable to find anything suitable I decided to paint something myself. The result was very effective! In order to be able to produce a background at an affordable price (each painting represents many hours of work), I have had the originals printed onto top quality 350 gm card. 

Included in this set is are three different backdrops  of  513mm x 342mm each (20.25 x 13.5 inches). I have designed a set of THREE scenes, each of which LINKS TOGETHER to form a continuous backdrop, total width 1.54 metres (over 5 feet).  The advantage of this is that any of the scenes can be used separately, but more can be added as your collection of models grows.

Although these backdrops were originally designed for 12th scale models as shown below, you may recognise the scenes from our greetings cards, which demonstrates that our model Shetland ponies look pretty good in front of them too!




Price: £19.50