Hobby Horses in use These two young riders were 2 and 4 years old
when they first started riding!

Hobby Donkey "More than just a toy..."

"...he's never off it..."

"...the best toy we've ever bought..."

"...a great success - they absolutely love them..."

"...we had to take her hobby horse on holiday to Portugal!..."

"We have received our order for the 'bay' hobby horse very promptly and we would like to say how thrilled we are with it. Our 4 year old grandson who is horse mad will be over the moon because he has been using the kitchen mop so far as a make believe horse. We couldn't believe our luck when we accidentally came across your excellent website just when it was required for his birthday. Thank you so much."

".. Just to say thank you for getting the hobby horse to my granddaughter in London in time for Christmas.  It was a huge success, so much so that it provoked an immediate fight between the recipient (not quite 3 yrs) and her younger sister (18 mths).  I can see me ordering another one in the summer in time for the 2nd birthday!"

".. I bought a hobby horse from you some years ago from the Royal Stoneleigh Show for my hoped-for child and now some seven years later it is my five year old daughter’s most favourite toy even though she has real ponies.  I just found you on the web and wanted you to know.  We carried it home as hand luggage (lovingly) to Australia where he is happily ridden on a remote broadacre farm.  We have never seen a more beautiful horse!"

".. We bought two of your wrap-round hobby horses last year for our daughters and I can honestly say that they are the best toys we have ever bought. They absolutely love them and are always running around with them .."

".. Of all the toys my grandchildren own their hobby horses will never be given away. Very precious! Purchased four years ago when the girls were just six and four they have been a source of constant enjoyment. Emily and Sophie are keen riders, but still, four years on their indoor riding club continues - their increasing knowledge of horsemanship only enhancing and expanding their play. The poles might be a tad short but a little imagination transforms the mount into a champion and my entrance hall into an Olympic arena. … I have looked at other products but none equal your quality. It is excellent!"

".. Granny gave our two children a "my riding pony" each for Christmas and it was their favourite present. In fact it was the only present they really played with all holidays. The girls wear them to the shops and I can’t tell you how many people have asked where we got them from. It’s such a great idea! .."

" I not only found the hobby horse of any childs dream when I found Laurel Designs but also an exceptional company.  What other company would post off one of their products without receiving prior payment just so that a little girl could get her birthday present on time from her grandparents.....Laurel Designs did!  When they heard from me that I was struggling with making the order & payment (due to a technical error with the online ordering system) and if I couldn't complete the order within one hour as they were due to leave for an event, they couldn't deal with it until after my grandaughters birthday.  One email later and whilst I'm still struggling with PayPal, I'm informed that chosen hobby horse had been despatched to grandaughter and we would sort out payment later.  What service! "

"My Grandma brought my sister a My Riding Pony last year and I would just like to say how delighted we are with it. She hardly ever puts it down and in the summer she loves jumping over jumps in the garden with it. We are very grateful as it seems to keep her from getting bored and causing mischief .."

"I just wanted to email and let you know how much my granddaughter loves her hobby horse. Thank you so much for providing a little girl with such simple pleasure in a wonderful toy from our past which will last for years!"

"The hobby horse galloped in here today and I must say it is brilliant, even better than expected. Your website photos do not do it justice, such is the quality of design, materials and craftmanship. I am sure my grandson will enjoy many hours of fun chasing his weary old grandad about .."

"After finding you by Googling hobby horses, my brother bought my 7 year old pony-mad twins a riding pony each for their birthday in August.  Polo Jo & Teddy have been ridden every single day and they are their absolute all-time favourite toy.  They have spent all summer jumping over poles and boxes in the garden and hacking out in the local woods.  Finally it is their elder sister's birthday and top of her list is a riding pony.  They really are fantastic toys and thank you for providing many hours of fun, laughter and exercise."

"I just received my order of two hobby horses today, and nearly cried when I saw them: they are so absolutely fantastic! ... my colleagues had 'jaws to the floor' when they saw them, like I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"..Our three-year-old daughter's little face was an absolute picture as she unwrapped the hobby horse and realised she had her own "Black Beauty"! Thank you very much for a delightful and beautifully-made toy that truly is something to treasure."

"Just wanted to write a quick note to say thanks. I've just given my little girl a riding pony for her 5th birthday and she is over the moon, we've taken 'Amber' on many trail rides already! Thank you for bringing my daugher so much joy. Only trouble is she wants one in every colour now! ... "
"... Thank you to your company for such splendid gifts to give to our tiny grandchildren this Christmas, and for the splendid personal service.  Contacting you on both occasions, following my ordering of the gifts online, was very easy, and my requests were met with a friendly and ready assistance which ensured that the items arrived promptly and safely.  I can only exhort the highest recommendation. ..."
"... I am delighted with the hobby horse. The kind face, snuggly texture of the mane are both what I was hoping for - and the tinkly bell is just right.  A very satisfactory, wholesome, (non pink plastic) present.
Superb service - and made in England too, what could be better! ..."
"A truly quality toy. Thank you for the obvious care that has gone into designing and making these.  When our 20 month old daughter received hers as a present from her wonderful grandparents, I experienced a twinge of jealousy as the small child in me wished I had one growing up too!  I have now ordered one to commemorate our friend's new born.  A special toy to be loved and played with, and is a keepsake too."
"... The most well-executed Hobby Horse in the world... simply adore this horse so much and the attention to detail. I'm sure that our little boy will be blown away with excitement when he shares in this horse on his Birthday. Thank you so much for everything... he is sweet perfection! ..."
"... Thank you for making a dream come true. Very happy, indeed! Your work is fantastic and a dream for any child to own. Feel very lucky to have one of your hobby horses here in OZ!"
"Beautiful! An heirloom quality collectable and snuggly soft toy all in one perfect little pony. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase! Carefully detailed down to the smallest accessory. High quality, highly recommended. Well worth the price. THANK YOU!!!"
"I have just received delivery of my daughter's (3 years) hobby horse. The quality of the product is exceptional. I must confess, at £65, I initially thought it was expensive. However, the product cannot be compared to anything else available ... There is also the level of customer service provided, which I found to be extremely considerate, informative and helpful.  All-in-all, an exceptional product made by people who genuinely take care and pride in what they offer to the world."

"My grandson ADORES his hobby horse. ... somehow he had managed to pull it through the bars of his cot and was found fast asleep hugging it! To be able to give one horse-mad two year old such a very special present and see him 'love it to death' has given us all so much pleasure!!"