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About Us


I'm Lynne Acheson from Laurel Designs, the home of fine hobby horses since 1979.

Some of my earliest childhood memories featured a much-loved homemade hobby horse, and as an adult I wanted to create the ultimate lifelike hobby horse that could be a real friend to its owner.

My first hobby horses were sold to craft shops and galleries, and when they ordered more I realised I had to make them as professionally as possible, so I joined the British Toymakers Guild. After only a year I was delighted to receive their Award of Excellence.

Now, a long time later, I'm still making them and get enormous pleasure from creating each one. I love to hear from happy customers and it's great when I meet someone who's now grown up and buying a hobby horse for their own child.

It’s wonderful to see how the interest in hobby horses has really taken off in the last few years. For most of my working life I have made furry hobby horses for small children, but now the market has expanded to include realistic, painted horses for older children and teenagers. I really enjoy making these detailed horses. Each one is slightly different and has a character of its own.

What a great activity hobby horsing is! Galloping around in the fresh air, creating jumps and letting the imagination run free.